Investigations and Ghost Hunts during COVID-19

By / April 14, 2020

In a normal world (what is normal anymore?), a post like this would have been a more hypothetical question and answer session with an awful lot of opinion. I wouldn’t be risking my credibility and intuition to believe that this is a world we would prefer to live in right now. Alas, the globe is… Read more

VFL Box & How It Happened

By / January 21, 2020

We at PSI devised a truly novel idea in 2014: the VFL Box. All-in-One Ghost Box which utilises audio and video to allow communication using both techniques which have been used by pioneers in EVP/ITC for many years but the VFL Box brings those techniques to 2014.

whats on in 2020

By / January 4, 2020

We will keep you all updated on what we have coming up and how you can all get involved. This is going to be a very busy year.

Tell us your experiences

By / January 4, 2020

We at paranormal shadows are not just investigators we are also researchers it is important to us to hear every one’s story no matter how crazy it may seem to others, we will not judge you in any way. It would be interesting to hear if you have had experiences in popular haunted locations. We… Read more

Welcome to Paranormal Shadows New Site

By / January 3, 2020

As you may have noticed we are planning a busy 2020, keep your eyes on our Facebook page & here for updates on our plans. Find us on Facebook here:

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