Investigations and Ghost Hunts during COVID-19

In a normal world (what is normal anymore?), a post like this would have been a more hypothetical question and answer session with an awful lot of opinion. I wouldn’t be risking my credibility and intuition to believe that this is a world we would prefer to live in right now. Alas, the globe is currently facing a pandemic, the likes which we haven’t seen in nearly 100 years. Coronavirus, or COVID-19 as the disease that is born out of this virus is named, is tearing apart families, communities and the entire eco-system of society. We receive reports daily on how many people have tragically succumb to this illness and are given frequent reminders of the way we, as a society must conduct ourselves.

We are based in England, so our government has been quite forthright in saying that this disease is deadly and putting in measures to protect ourselves and others. They haven’t touted a miracle cure, neither have they underestimated the scale of devastation it would leave. The government’s advice is simple: if you are not a key worker, then please do all that you can to not contact anyone physically. Self isolate and protect. Save the healthcare system. Save lives. It could not be simpler.

Now, I write this as I practice social distancing. I have an underlying health condition which does make me vulnerable to this. So does most of the team. We aren’t lucky people in that sense to have to go through this period in the most precarious of positions. And as I write this, it becomes more and more evident that this advice is to make sure that society can function once again when normality resumes. I can go back to my office, other members can go back to working in their industries and continuing to deliver excellent services to the paying public. This is what I want, but am acutely aware that it won’t happen whilst people continue to flout the law.

I’ve been asked to give you the official line from Paranormal Shadow Investigations regarding the role that investigators and ghost hunters should play during this pandemic. It’s very simple.

Stay at home.

Here’s why.

We are not key workers in this role. If a business is dictated by this being your primary method, then they have given you the opportunity to stay at home, receive some funding to keep your business going until you can go back about your daily routine. I know of businesses that have taken this and know that it will keep them going until they can produce again. If you don’t want to take the funding up, that’s noble in one sense and harmful in the other.

We’ve known of groups who are still going out and investigating, in public places, when there is a very strict limit on the boundaries of ‘exercise’. Travel deemed ‘non-essential’ includes travel for exercise. The limits are being pushed and tested in ways that, honestly, we find exceptionally disrespectful. We are sitting at home, doing our part for the hard working nurses, carers, civil servants, retail workers, teachers and others who are having to continue to do their job in the face of a frightening scenario. Going out and investigating, especially with a theme as sometimes morbid as death is, is a slap in the face to every single of these warriors who are keeping this country going.

Critically, this is an opportunity for investigators like ourselves to reflect on what we do, in fact, do. We investigate. If we don’t investigate but still need to carry out our role, we might interact with our incredible viewer base (ey up Shadows!), we might discuss in more detail what we do. What we DO NOT do is ignore government advice because it would make our heart bleed if we didn’t maintain a consistent schedule. We are aware that, when we do go out investigating again, we might have less viewers than before because we may have slipped their minds. That’s fine because we can be content with the idea that we will work ourselves harder than ever to deliver the quality of investigating you have come to expect from us.

I love investigating. I love the collectiveness. I love the thrill. But I am acutely aware that I may never get to feel those things again, if I act as reckless and illegally as some of these groups have done. Our team is committed to giving you the very best viewing experience as and when it is safe and legal to do so.

We hope some teams take note.

What’s your opinion on all of this? Let us know down below!

Written by David Fulton

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