The Team

Name: Matt Payne

Role: Investigator/Tech/Developer

Beliefs: Open Minded Sceptic

Bio: My interest peaked in life after death research around 2006 after our first Evp capture while on an event although I continued my journey as a sceptic myself & partner Shelley built a team of investigators & researchers that go by the name of Paranormal Shadow Investigations & Research UK.

Around 2010 radio sweep ITC was becoming mainstream with Radio Shack models being hacked with ease but being in the UK I was finding models required to hack hard to find & the prices to ship was not an option so with determination to research how valid radio sweep is for communication I started to build & hack my own radios & still do to this day,

During this time I started to experiment with background Evp sounds such as static noise/water & rainfall in hope to find audio to help carry the Evp’s. I moved onto developing some basic single file windows apps to provide users with sounds to compare against their own recording looking for audio manipulation & more recently I have worked on apps with help from eXtremesenses & Appydroid.

My view has changed on my journey while still sceptical of some methods & devices I am more open minded to life after death as there is only so much you can explain away as audio contamination with valid replies becoming more frequent in our research.

Name: Shelley Payne

Role: Investigator/Medium

Beliefs: Believer