The Team

Meet the Team

Name: Matt Payne

Role: Investigator/Tech/Developer

Beliefs: Open Minded Sceptic

Bio: My interest peaked in life after death research around 2006 after our first Evp capture while on an event although I continued my journey as a sceptic myself & partner Shelley built a team of investigators & researchers that go by the name of Paranormal Shadow Investigations & Research UK.

Around 2010 radio sweep ITC was becoming mainstream with Radio Shack models being hacked with ease but being in the UK I was finding models required to hack hard to find & the prices to ship was not an option so with determination to research how valid radio sweep is for communication I started to build & hack my own radios & still do to this day,

During this time I started to experiment with background Evp sounds such as static noise/water & rainfall in hope to find audio to help carry the Evp’s. I moved onto developing some basic single file windows apps to provide users with sounds to compare against their own recording looking for audio manipulation & more recently I have worked on apps with help from eXtremesenses & Appydroid.

My view has changed on my journey while still sceptical of some methods & devices I am more open minded to life after death as there is only so much you can explain away as audio contamination with valid replies becoming more frequent in our research.

Name: Shelley Payne

Role: Investigator/Medium

Beliefs: Believer


Name: David Charlie

Role: Investigator/Presenter

Beliefs: Definitely started with a lot of scepticism as I always need a ‘why’ to anything that’s presented to me. But the more I’ve investigated with PSI, the more that it is essentially the only answer available.

Bio: At 27 years old, David is a relatively new face on the paranormal scene. Having led groups during investigations, he has grown in confidence doing the live broadcasts for PSI.

“I am ready and willing to grow and develop every day. My knowledge and confidence is building and the more time spent out investigating and interacting with everyone, the more I feel that our work is being validated. I am still learning but I am humbled to be part of this incredible team!”

Name: Rob Churcher

Role: Investigator

Beliefs: Believer

Bio: I have been investigating the paranormal for just over 2 years but have always had a interest in it ever since I saw the ghost busters film.

I spend many hours looking at the readers digest a to z of the paranormal with my Nan. I am very interested in the visual side of the paranormal trying to explain what I see. I can’t wait to add visual evidence to the amazing things recorded by psi using ITC.