The VFL All-in-One Ghost Box

We at PSI devised a truly novel idea in 2014: the VFL Box. All-in-One Ghost Box which utilises audio and video to allow communication using both techniques which have been used by pioneers in EVP/ITC for many years but the VFL Box brings those techniques to 2014

The Late Great Frank Sumption

Lets start with a brief history of the ghost box as we know them today, we researchers of ITC owe so much to the late Frank Sumption who in the early 2000’s used his knowledge in HAM radio and electronics to create his first box that generated white noise while using a voltage generator automatically jumped between frequencies, he believed communication could be achieved through random segments of audio or erratic sound and this technique is still used world wide today.

Klaus Schreiber – Video Feedback Loop

Now for the video feedback loop, Klaus Schreiber (d.1988) was the first ITC researcher who received clear images from the other side. Schreiber introduced video looping ITC, also known as transvideo, to the masses starting in 1985. In the image to the left you can see a few of the images Schreiber achieved with the video loop technique.

Schreiber would use a standard CRT Tv and hard wire a camera to the Tv input and focus the lens onto the Tv screen, this would creat a rolling cloud effect and often bring some amazing images that resembled detailed faces.

Echo & Reverb

Pioneers in ITC started to use effects in their sessions such as echo chambers to help prolong the replies in some cases helping to enhance the communication in real time, this is down to user preference, some love effects others hate them but by at least attempting to use them we learnt that manipulation of the audio we provide seems to occur.

The VFL Box

As mentioned above the VFL Box came to life in 2014 and if I am honest was never planned but almost everything that created the build fell into my lap as if it was meant to be.

The cabinet is a 1950’s Marconi T32a which I forgot to bid on in an eBay auction due to the listing finishing early hours one morning, my last ditch attempt to get the cabinet I messaged the seller who sent it to me allowing me to just covering the postage. On arrival I was surprised how large the cabinet was and unsure what I was to do with it but I knew the energy this cabinet may hold it had to be built into something to aid our research.

Like any male I have a box or two maybe ten of parts that “I want to keep in case I need them one day” I found everything I needed to complete the build all to hand, I was not sure how I wanted to achieve it but the idea was there. At first I considered running audio into the Tv input so each sound would manipulate the screen, on further searching through my boxes I came across a 12v wireless CCTV system which was perfect as the 5.5″ camping Tv also required 12v dc along with the amplifier, that when the video feedback loop technique hit me.

The final build I also added a 12v mic to the internals of the cabinet that i fed into the audio input of the Tv so the sound from radio or app used but also our voice would all manipulate the video feedback loop on the screen. Finally I had outputs so I had the option of running a projector or external Tv for easy viewing.

The final result blew us away and I was amazed the technique was not used by more in the field, like any ITC it took patience but was worth every minute and to this day the VFL blows us all away with visual evidemce.

Our First Session with VFL

VFL on Paranormal Lockdown

We at PSI had one of our ITC builds feature on Paranormal Lockdown with Nick Groff.
Check it out on the video above.